Accommodation for The World Jam attendees

Everything set for your trip but no accommodation yet? Let us offer you the apartments of Easyturs

Its location in the area of Serrano – Recoletos is simply unbeatable. Just 850 meters from the Círculo de Bellas Artes, place of the event, next to the Plaza de Colón, Puerta de Alcalá and Retiro Gardens, and in front of the National Library and Archaeological Museum … the best of central area of Madrid.

You can find studios of 25 m² with capacity up to 4 people. Apartments of 37 m² with capacity up to 4 persons and Junior Suite Apartments of 60 m² with capacity up to 7 people. All of them with free fiber optic WIFI with more than 200 MB guaranteed. We give you more detailed information of each one below

In order to make the reservation, you must do it EXCLUSIVELY by writing to or by calling: (+34) 96 105 07 52 indicating name and surname and the code TWJ

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MAD Escape Room and The World Jam… You won’t escape the fun

Good news,

Mad Escape Room is offering a 15% discount from tuesday to thursday and 5% during the weekend for all The World Jam attendees from 19 September to 8 October. Don’t miss the chance to have an extra fun during your staying in Madrid.

Imagine what it will be to be transported to another reality and another moment in time… You will only have 60 minutes to solve the hidden enigmas that will allow you to overcome the challenge.

Join The Enigma of the Quinta del Sordo (The Quinta del Sordo was the house of Francisco de Goya, Spanish painter where he did his “Black Paintings“… Disturbing and impressive, as this Room Scape Adventure 😉

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The World Jam inaugura su colaboración con Noches del Botánico

Este mes de Julio, tiene lugar en Madrid el festival de música Las Noches del Botánico. Co- organizado por Serious Fan Music, productora de Julio Martí, con su larga trayectoria en el mundo del jazz y en 2017, miembreo del jurado profesional de los Swing Music Awards.


Para celebrarlo, el pasado 6 de Julio tuvo lugar una jornada de Swing y ambiente vintage. Una fiesta, en la que además de recibir por todo lo alto al conjunto Postmodern Jukebox

Os dejamos aquí la entrevista completa con Angela Gil, quien nos explica como nació el proyecto.

Entrevista Completa

Full Interview



The World Jam invitations_ María Gadú + Les Amazones d´Afrique

Summer is the festival season and cities come to life with expanded nightlife and live music offerings. Thanks to the collaboration with Noches del Botánico and Serious Fan Music, The World Jam fans have been invited in July to 2 concerts for free.

The team at World Jam loves music and always tries to educate, discover and bring new proposals to the fans. In July alone, fans from Madrid were invited for free to attend 2 very different bands: the authentic african roots from Bokanté+ Les Amazones d´Afrique at Las Noches del Botánico as well as the powerful music of Brazilian artist, María Gadú.

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El verano es época de festivales y las ciudades despiertan de noche con una amplia oferta de música en directo. Gracias a la colaboración con Noches del Botánico y Serious Fan Music, los fans de The World Jam pudieron disfrutar de 2 conciertos gratuitos este mes de Julio.


El equipo The World Jam ama la música y siempre trata de educar, descubrir y proponer una música de calidad. En este caso, los fans de Madrid recibieron invitación para: los ritmos africanos de Bokanté+ Les Amazones d´Afrique, así como la poderosa música brasileña de María Gadú.

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