Gordon Webster comes back to Madrid on Saturday, January 6!

After their debut last year, Gordon Webster band comes back to Madrid in their European tour. If you came last year, you know what I’m talking about! If not… don’t wait for others to tell you about it!

Prices (discounts for World Jam 2017 attendees):

25€ Dance floor pass (23€ with discount)

27E Panoramic (25€ with discount)

If you attended World Jam 2017, contact us at info@theworldjam.com and and request your discount code.

Gordon Webster is one of the most internationally known swing band. With years of concerts and tours on his back their energy and rhythm are contagious.

Impossible to keep your feet quite!

Conciertazo la noche de Reyes

The World Jam productions confirms that Gordon Webster will visit Madrid the 5th of January. The Canadian, New- York based pianist will bring his passion and energy and share it for the first time with dancers and jazz lovers from Madrid.

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