MAD Escape Room and The World Jam… You won’t escape the fun

Good news,

Mad Escape Room is offering a 15% discount from tuesday to thursday and 5% during the weekend for all The World Jam attendees from 19 September to 8 October. Don’t miss the chance to have an extra fun during your staying in Madrid.

Imagine what it will be to be transported to another reality and another moment in time… You will only have 60 minutes to solve the hidden enigmas that will allow you to overcome the challenge.

Join The Enigma of the Quinta del Sordo (The Quinta del Sordo was the house of Francisco de Goya, Spanish painter where he did his “Black Paintings“… Disturbing and impressive, as this Room Scape Adventure 😉

To get this discount just write to and request it

Despite the fact that almost half a century has passed since Goya left his home, La Quinta del Sordo is still surrounded by this halo of mystery and terror.

The neighbors live in fear, and the Church worries about the growing rumors around the evil spirits that live there.

And here you are. You have received the commission from the same bishop of Madrid to find the spell that is said to have hidden in his house and that allows the liberation of those poor souls lost between life and death.

Taking advantage of the fact that the renowned photographer, Jean Laurent, has been documenting the famous Black Paintings at Goya’s house, and has gone out to buy materials, you will have to gatecrash and try to fulfill your mission before he returns.

Will you be able to find the spell and release the spirits before it’s too late?

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